flight13 - duplication
cd, vinyl, dvd duplication

File upload

You can send us a link to WeTransfer or dropbox, where we can download your files.


Or you can upload your music WAV or print files here, too.

Please note the following terms:

1. It has to be a ZIP. file! Only ZIP Files have a check sum. This means that it can only be opened when we have received it like you created it. A WAV File would not have a check sum and it would be possible to play a corrupt WAV file. This nis not possible with a ZIP file.

2. the maximum size is 150 MB. Please pack every song into one ZIP file.

3. You agree to the terms that errors which are due to the upload are possible and that we do not take any responsibility for that. Besides this, we are burning the master CD without pauses between the tracks if you do not mention this in the field below. PLEASE NOTE: we cannot check master cds for CD duplication in order to find errors. But we offer this check for a surcharge of 30 EUR. We simply do not have the time to offer this for free.


Please note:

1. Please name the files so we can see the sequence. Please inform us within the file name what files should be on what side if you are planning a vinyl duplication.

2. Please inform us about the vinyl engravings if you want to have them.

3. Please write your name and all infromation you have in the field below. Please also write us your customer no/offer no/project no if you have one.


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