flight13 - duplication
cd, vinyl, dvd duplication
CD-R calculator (burned CD-Rs in small quantities)


Here you can choose the order quantity.
Please note! Up to 200 copies, the CDs are not industrial manufactured CDs! These are burned CDs. The quality of a burned or a "normal" CD is almost the same. We are using the best machines for burning and printing. The quality is very good! We are using THERMO-RE-TRANSFER for printing of the labels on the CDs.
Please note: all our prices are incl. films, graphic-files-check and, if it is necessary, repairing your artwork (if we have to do this, we will send you PDFs to check. Production starts when you tell us that everything is ok). There are no additional costs for delivering graphic files instead of films! Shipping to one adress within Germany is free for productions of more than 500 copies. Please inquire for shipping costs outside of Germany. Generally shipping is not very expensive...

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