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Vinyl Mastering

Please take care of the following points when you are creating a vinyl master:


-frequencies unter 150Hz should be mono. Vinyl can have stereo, but only in the higher frequencies. Stereo in the Bass is not possible on vinyl records. If you have problems with those setting, be can also make the neccessary changes during cutting.


-higher frequencies than 15KHz should be cut. Otherwise we will cut it during cutting the lacquers. But this is not a general value. It depends on the master. You can send us your files before placing an order to check the files. This is free for you, of course. Then you know if you can go on like you have started or not.


-songs with massive hights should be placed at the beginning of the record as the quality of hights gets worse, the more you get into the center.


When you are sending the master to us, please make shure that we get all information that we need:


-every single track should be one file

-we need to know what songs should be on what side

-when you are sending a master CD: all songs have to be in the right order.

-all songs have to be in the same sampling rate


Engravings are no problem but should not be too long.


If you have any questions, please always get back to us!


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